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Zoning Board of Adjustment

Agendas are available one week prior to the scheduled hearing. For more information, please call Lori Cartwright at 970-328-8751. 

The Zoning Board of Adjustment meets as needed to review applications for zoning variances. View additional powers and duties outlined in the Eagle County Land Use Regulations on page 5-6.

Apply to Join the ZBA as an Associate Member!

ZBA associate members serve an important role in our community and help to review zoning variance requests to the Eagle County Land Use Regulations (the “ECLUR”) Zone District Dimensional Limitations requirements. We also rely on ZBA members to provide expertise and recommendations for ECLUR amendments. Associate members are one year term members who step into a regular member position if a regular ZBA member is not available for a hearing. Associate members often will move into a regular position when one becomes available. Associate members participate in all work sessions. 

Members and associate members of the Zoning Board of Adjustment need to be residents of Eagle County and registered voters prior to appointment. Although no specific experience requirements are necessary, consideration is given to applicants who have experience or education in planning, law, architecture, natural resource management, real estate and related fields.

CLICK HERE to read more about the responsibilities, requirements, and skills needed to be a successful ZBA member. The ZBA Application deadline is September 1, 2020. Eagle County staff will review the applications and schedule interviews on September 18 between 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.  as the next step. If you plan to apply, please save this block of time on your calendar for a 20 minute interview.

Current Agenda

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Eagle County updated it's hearing procedures. You can now provide public comment in three different ways

  1. Sign up to attend in person: Each land use application has a sign up form specific to that application's hearing date(s). To ensure social distancing, in-person sign up is limited to 28 people in the Eagle County room, and 25 people in the El Jebel Community Center Sopris room. Masks are required and will not be provided by the County. 
  2. Sign up to provide virtual public comment: Each land use application has a virtual public comment website specific to that application's hearing date(s).  Please sign up in advance to give virtual public comment, either by video or phone. You can also sign up during the hearing.
  3. Submit comments electronically: Each land use application has a public comment form specific to that application. You can attach a PDF, write into the form directly, or submit a 3-minute recorded video. 

How to find all these forms: These forms are available in a variety of places. 

  • On the agenda item in Boardocs
  • In the agenda announcements sent 5 working days in advance of hearings
  • On the Active Land use Application page under the specific land use application

To adhere to safe physical distancing protocols, all attendees must follow the below requirements: 

  1. MASKS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL ATTENDEES. Masks will not be provided by Eagle County. 

  2. All attendees must adhere to social distancing protocols while entering and exiting the building by:

  3. Attendees will be directed to designated seating spots by an Eagle County representative to assist in maintaining social distancing.

  4. When it is time for public comment, the public will be called up to give their comments, according to their seating. 

  5. Attendees may leave after your comments, but are not required to do so. 

Chris Juergen  2018
Debbie Marquez  2018
Diane Milligan  - Chairman 2018
Robert Warner   2018
Doug Amberg  2017 
Mark Bergman  2017 

Audio of public hearings can be obtained by calling 970-328-8746.