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Weed Control

County Road Rights-of-Way

The Colorado Noxious Weed Act requires local governing bodies to confirm that all public roads, highways, rights-of-way and easements be in compliance with this article. There is an old saying that "A good neighbor is the neighbor who manages his weeds," and with our road system making the county a neighbor to us all, managing the weeds in our rights-of-way is a priority.

County Properties
Good land stewardship, providing safe recreational opportunities, being a good neighbor and following the law necessitates that county properties be subjected to weed and pest management. Noxious Weed Control staff perform weed and pest control to meet the requirements of law and reduce the undesirable impacts caused by the presence of weeds and pests. All weed and pest control efforts are supervised by a Colorado Department of Agriculture licensed qualified supervisor.   

Pesticide Applicators
Anyone who applies pesticides for hire is required to be licensed from the Department of Agriculture. The license needs to be renewed every three years to remain valid. For contract weed control always use licensed pesticide applicators.