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Spring weed reminder

Contact: Brian Griffin, Noxious Weed Control at 970-328-3553 or

As spring has come earlier than usual this year, the weeds are popping up early as well. For the land owner this means assessing your property and being vigilant in controlling noxious weeds before they take over. During the past couple of weeks most broad leaf weeds have started to emerge and most are easily controlled at this stage of growth. We expect to have a banner growth of weeds this summer due to the lack of moisture that helps other desirable plants compete. So the phrase to remember is "Be proactive and control plants before they start to bolt or go to seed to gain better control".

The most observed problem plants this week are:

  • Musk thistle rosette
  • Plumeless thistle rosette
  • White top (hoary cress)
  • Koshia (tumble weed)

For plant identification questions please call Colorado State Extension at 970-328-8630.
For herbicide purchase please call Eagle County Conservation District at 970-945-5494.