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Vegetation Management

Noxious Weed Control mitigates the harmful impacts of undesirable plants on agriculture, natural resources and properties within unincorporated Eagle County.

milk thistle



Vegetation Management is available for educational presentations on noxious weed identification and management to landowners, land managers, HOAs, schools, agencies, or any other interested groups or organizations.

Site Visits

Vegetation Management offers free site visits to all landowners and land managers in Eagle County.

Cost Share Program

Vegetation Management has partnered with the Eagle County Conservation District to provide a noxious weed cost share program to landowners and land managers in Eagle County.

Weed Control

Utilizing the process of integrated pest management to solve pest problems while minimizing risks to people and the environment.

Pesticide Resale

Offering general use pesticide sales to the public; Located in Gypsum at the Maintenance Service Center along Cooley Mesa Rd.


Colorado state law and Eagle County resolution require that certain plants that have been designated "Noxious Weeds" shall be subjected to control efforts.


Reference guides (identification, calibration, and management methods) and partner websites.