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Eagle County Policy on Receipt of Electronic Documents


Foreclosure Deposit (to be applied to foreclosure fees and costs (38-38-107(2)*C.R.S.)
Up to $650
Foreclosure Fees  
Amounts under $480,000.00
Amounts over $480,000.00                  
1/32 of 1%  (based on original principle balance or outstanding principal balance-whichever is less)
Note: a foreclosure is deemed open when the Notice of Election and Demand is recorded (C.R.S. 38-38-101(3)) and the fee is collectible at that time.
Accepting filing of an Intent to Redeem
Processing/executing a Certificate of Redemption
Executing Confirmation Deed  
Processing Withdrawal
Processing Administrative Withdrawal
Recommencing Sale Held in Violation of Bankruptcy Stay 
Restart after Bankruptcy Stay Lifted
Processing Partial Release During Foreclosure
Processing Rescission of Sale
Rescheduling Sale after Rescission


 $30 (plus recording fee)
 $30 (plus recording fee)
 $35 (plus recording fee)



 *Recording fee is $13 for the first page and $5 per page thereafter.