Smoke in the Eagle River Valley

Smoke in the Eagle River Valley is coming in from fires to the west. For more information, visit

If smoke is thick or becomes thick in your neighborhood you may want to remain indoors. This is especially true for those with heart disease, respiratory illnesses, the very young, and the elderly. 


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Delinquent Tax List

The Delinquent Tax Lists will be available in October 2020

The list of delinquent taxes that are available to purchase at the Tax Lien Sale are advertised for three consecutive weeks prior to the sale in the Eagle Valley Enterprise. The list of delinquent accounts will be posted to this page and updated weekly once the list has been submitted to the newspaper.  

These lists are provided for informational purposes only, if you have any questions please contact the Eagle County Treasurer's Office at 970-328-8860.  

              Delinquent Real Property          Delinquent Mobile Homes          Delinquent Personal Property