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Delinquent Property Tax Reminder

The Eagle County Treasurer would like to remind property owners that the deadlines have passed for the 2009 taxes due in 2010 and that any property taxes not yet paid are delinquent.  Delinquent tax notices were mailed the first week of July to each owner with outstanding taxes.  The Eagle County Treasurer’s Office staff will be making courtesy phone calls during August and September.

Any mobile home or personal property with unpaid taxes as of the middle of August will be advertised in the Eagle Valley Enterprise in September.  All real property taxes unpaid as of September will be advertised in the Eagle Valley Enterprise in September and October.  There will be an advertising fee added to the total amount due for the 2009 tax year.

All mobile home and personal property tax that is still unpaid as of September 30, 2010, will be served a Distraint Warrant by a deputy from the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, beginning October 1, 2010.  Distraint warrants are issued and served to give the Treasurer the right to seize and sell the property.  Distraint fees of up to $100 will be added to the total tax amount due.

Please remember that interest accrues on all unpaid taxes at one percent per month.

All mobile home and real property taxes unpaid as of Friday, October 22, 2010 will be sold at the Tax Lien Sale on Wednesday, October 27, 2010.

If you are not receiving your mail from the Eagle County Treasurer’s Office, please contact us immediately to verify that your mailing address is correct.

If you have any questions regarding your property taxes or are not sure if they have been paid, please contact the Treasurer’s Office at (970)328-8860 or  You can also visit our website at and click on the Property Search link.