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County’s cash management approach results in high interest earnings

Contact: Teak Simonton, Treasurer & Public Trustee, 970-328-8868,

View the Treasurer's quarterly interest report.

Nov. 7, 2019 - The Eagle County Treasurer's Office is reporting higher than expected interest earnings through the third quarter of the year. The county has exceeded budgeted interest revenues through September by $436,000, and has surpassed 2018 totals in the same quarter by $238,000 or 63%. 

Despite recent downward trends in interest rates, the Treasurer’s Office’s proactive approach to cash management has maximized this important source of revenue for the county. “By working closely with all county offices and departments to understand the timing of their funding needs, we can be strategic in our short and long term investments,” said Eagle County Treasurer Teak Simonton. 

For more information, contact Simonton at 970-328-8868 or at