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ECO Transit Pass Replacement Program due to COVID-19

Contact: Jared Barnes, Planning Manager, 970-328-3528,

September 17, 2020 - ECO Transit is continuing to provide reduced transit service with the primary goal of transporting those who have no other means to get to and from critical jobs and services including health care, human services, grocery stores, custodial services, etc. On March 18th, ECO Transit suspended the collection of fares and required all passengers to load through the rear door. The temporary suspension of fares impacted people who had recently activated certain types of passes.  The following policy provides guidance for people who may have lost value on their bus passes and would like a replacement pass:

COVID-19 Pass Replacement Policies

  1. Pass refunds to employers - Employer-purchased passes that are unused have a 10-year expiration date and will remain valid for future travel.

  2. 30-day regular and premium pass replacements to the general public (due to fare-free status) - Pass holders may request a new pass if their pass was activated between March 1 and March 18. In order to be eligible for a replacement pass: The passholder MUST present their pass prior to November 1st, 2020 and the activation date must be legible. Any replacement pass can be processed at either the Maintenance Service Center (MSC) in Gypsum or the Vail Transportation Center (VTC) once open to the public. ECO Transit will keep all passes turned in, in case a report is needed to show the dollar amount of the 30-day passes that were replaced.

  3. 10 ride pass - 10 ride passes have a 10-year expiration date and will be valid for future travel. 

  4. Youth and Senior passes - Youth and senior passes will be extended for 3-months upon their next renewal, provided the pass holder is still eligible.

  5. Change Cards - Change cards remain valid for one year. Please retain your change card for future travel.