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Trail construction and road shoulder widening projects in the valley this summer

Contact: Ellie Caryl, Trails Program Manager at 970-328-3523

Closing the trail gap between Avon and Eagle-Vail 
The Town of Avon, ECO Trails and Eagle-Vail are partnering to construct a 2.2 mile segment of the Eagle-Valley Trail between Avon Road and the west end of Eagle-Vail commercial area. Three grants totaling one million dollars have been awarded by CDOT, Great Outdoors Colorado and Colorado State Trails to fund the construction of the ten foot multi-use trail section and a trail bridge over the Eagle River. The project will be located alongside Highway 6 and serve pedestrians that currently walk on the highway through that area as well as bicyclists that are not comfortable traveling on the Highway 6 shoulders. The project will also provide a safe off-highway route for travel under the I-70 overpass near Eagle Road. The section of trail from Post Boulevard to Stone Creek Road will be upgraded to become part of the project. The trail bridge will be located just upstream of Bob the Bridge and provide a viewing platform of the Avon whitewater park as well as link the existing trail on the north bank of the river to the new trail on Highway 6. “The Highway 6 corridor is a busy route that serves motor vehicles as well as bikes and pedestrians.” said Rachel Dimond of the ECO Trails program. “Bikers traveling fast will likely still use the road shoulders and that’s appropriate, but this project will provide for the pedestrians and cyclists who would prefer not to be on the road with vehicle traffic. The project is in the design phase currently with construction planned to commence in late summer with completion in 2012.

Vail Set to widen the Frontage Road shouldersTown of Vail will widen two miles of the South Frontage Road between Ford Park and Bald Mountain Road to provide six foot shoulders in each direction with plans to widen the road to the East Vail exit next year, 3 miles of improvements total! This project will be a great improvement for road cycling, with Vail continuing to live up to it’s Bicycle Friendly Community award from the League of American Bicyclists in 2010.

Eagle to extend the Regional Trail 
Town of Eagle will be constructing a 2,000 foot section of trail in 2011 to extend the Eagle Valley Trail to Brooks Lane from its current end point at Violet Lane, along the north edge of Highway 6. The project is funded by Town of Eagle and the ECO Trails tax funds. The Town will also landscape the edge of the trail in an effort to improve the look and function of the Highway 6 corridor through town. The work will include a marked highway crossing for pedestrians and cyclists traveling to and from the town core to the Fairgrounds Park and Eagle River.

Highway 6 to wider shoulders east of Eagle 
Eagle County Engineering and CDOT are working together to design and construct a shoulder widening project on Highway 6 that will improve safety for motorists and road cycling. The project is funded jointly by the Eagle County Commissioners and CDOT. Shoulders will be widened two feet each side from milepost 153 to milepost 158 between the Town of Eagle and Wolcott in addition to an asphalt overlay of the highway. The work is expected to begin in August and completed in November.

Vail Pass improvements
CDOT is planning on making some improvements to Interstate 70 west of Vail Pass May to October 2011. The adjacent Vail Pass Bike Trail will be detoured from mileposts 180 to 190 to accommodate the work. The work will include drainage culvert replacement which will help control the impacts of the highway sanding and water runoff across and alongside the trail.

Other road and trail work on tap 

  • Upgrades to Metcalf Road in Avon including road widening and a new bicycle climbing lane, starting late summer 2011
  • Tree removal and maintenance on the Eagle Valley Trail in Avon plus pavement patching and railing maintenance in same river section area
  • Town of Vail plans to improve Bald Mountain underpass, upgrade trail near Red Sandstone Elementary, replace the Aspen Lane trail bridge washed out by flood last spring and detour a trail section at Donovan Park in August and September