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Eagle Valley Trails Committee names 2015 trail supporters

Contact: Ellie Caryl, ECO Trails Program Manager, 970-328-3523 or

December 15, 2015 - Town of Eagle, Arla Randall and an anonymous local couple have been named the by citizen volunteer ECO Eagle Valley Trails Committee as this year’s ECO Trails Supporter of the Year.  The awards are made annually for exceptional contributions to the regional trail and local transportation systems for the benefit of bicyclists and pedestrians.

Town of Eagle was selected for their consistent efforts to upgrade and improve the Town’s network of walking, running and bicycling infrastructure.  “The Town of Eagle has completed several projects in the last two to three years on their own or through partnerships to improve transportation and recreation options for their residents as well as visitors, including the trail bridge over I-70 with CDOT, the paved trail along Highway 6, and other sidewalk, road and soft surface trail improvements throughout town. They enthusiastically embrace the culture of getting around by bike or foot” said Dick Cleveland, Chair of the ECO Trails.

In response to the award, Mayor Yuri Kostick confirmed that the town leaders and staff are committed to growing and improving their walking and biking infrastructure and connectivity. “Multi-modal transportation is considered in any project.  We are always looking at the street, sidewalk, open space and trails network.  It’s part of our DNA in the Town of Eagle and how we think about projects” said Kostick.  The ECO Trails Committee presented the award to the Town of Eagle Trustees, Town staff and citizens on December 6.

Arla Randall as well as a long time local couple who would like to remain media anonymous were selected for their consistent support of the ECO Trails program through their annual donations over the years, directed towards “where you need it most” and years of participation in ECO Trails events.  The Committee noted that supporters such as Randall and the longtime local couple are at the heart of ECO Trails efforts to provide paved biking and walking routes – the trail system miles constructed to a date are the product of many partners and shared vision.

Arla Randall is the mother of Trails Committee charter member Louise Randall of Vail and has been a donor to ECO Trails for over a decade.  Randall began her own fondness for biking in 1941 with the gift from her parents of an Elgin bike, taking off on side roads to ride and explore.

“Having our individual donors take an interest in the ECO Trails program, and stay interested over the years, and believing in the mission to keep growing the system has been an inspiration” said Ellie Caryl, Eagle County’s ECO Trails Program Manager.

ECO Trails is a partnership program between Vail, Avon, Minturn, Red Cliff, Eagle, Gypsum, Eagle County and the citizen volunteer ECO Eagle Valley Trails Committee to complete a connected paved trail system through Eagle County with links to spur and backcountry trails, as well as working to improve bicycling on our local roadways.   For more information, contact Caryl at 328-3513 or visit

2015 Trail Support Award Pic 1

2015 Trail Support Award Pic 2