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Tobacco Licensing and Regulations

In August 2019, the Board of County Commissioners passed a resolution that requires retailers that sell cigarettes, tobacco and nicotine products to be licensed. The resolution also increased the minimum legal sales age for these products to 21.

Our goal is to provide the public with reasons for the change and to provide retailers with an easy process for meeting our regulations.

The deadline to apply for a license is Nov. 1, 2019. Licenses are required to be renewed annually.

Helpful Links:
- Resolution & Regulations
- Online Application
- Printable Application
- Responsible Retailing Online Module

Why did the Eagle County Commissioners take these actions?
The commissioners believe that protecting the health and safety of community members—including teens and children—is a key component of local tobacco control for Eagle County. These actions are specifically aimed at reducing underage youth consumption, enhancing efforts to prevent teen tobacco and vaping, and supporting countywide public health programs.

Am I considered a tobacco retailer?
A “tobacco retailer” means any person/entity who sells, offers for sale or distribution, exchanges, or offers to exchange for any form of consideration, cigarettes, tobacco products, and nicotine products without regard to the quantity sold, distributed, exchanged, or offered for exchange.

What is a cigarette, tobacco product, or nicotine product?
Any product which contains nicotine or tobacco or is derived from tobacco and is intended to be ingested or inhaled by or applied to the skin of an individual, or any device that can be used to deliver tobacco or nicotine, whether heated, chewed, absorbed, dissolved, inhaled, snorted, sniffed or ingested by any other means, including, but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, little cigars, chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco, snuff, bidis, snus, mints, hand gels and electronic smoking devices. FDA-approved cessation products are excluded.

How much is the license and where can I find the application documents?
The annual fee is $500. The online application is now available.

What if I have multiple tobacco retailing locations in the county?
Each location that sells cigarettes, tobacco products, or nicotine products must have its own license. Each location will be charged an annual licensing fee.

Where do I submit the required license application documents?
The online application is the fastest and easiest way to apply for a license. It can also be printed and submitted in person, mailed, emailed, or faxed to Eagle County.

When and how should I pay for the license?
Once notified by county administration that the license application is approved, payment may be remitted by check or credit card.

Do I need to re-apply for the License every year?
Yes. The licensee must apply for the renewal of the license and submit the fee no later than 30 days prior to expiration of the current license.

What happens if I sell my business?
If you sell your business, the license associated with that business will no longer be valid. Please contact Eagle County at 970-328-8600 or by emailing should a sale occur.

What if I want to stop selling tobacco but still remain in business selling only non-tobacco merchandise?
Please contact Eagle County for more information at 970-328-8600 or by emailing

Can I sell tobacco from a mobile location such as a truck or car?
No licenses may be issued to authorize tobacco retailing at other than a fixed location.

Will there be inspections?
Yes, the Colorado Department of Revenue and FDA will continue to conduct inspections of retailers for compliance of state and federal tobacco laws. Eagle County or its agents or designees may also inspect for compliance, including through engaging in unannounced undercover buys.

What happens if I violate the county’s cigarette, tobacco product and nicotine product licensing regulations?
All tobacco retailers can avoid violations by following the County’s regulations at all times. Violators of the County’s licensing regulations are subject to administrative penalties and fees. Whenever the license administrator finds a violation of the County’s regulations, it shall document the violation and notify the licensee in writing of any actions required to correct the violation, or of any suspension, revocation, or fine as a result. The licensee may request the Administrator to reconsider its decision, and appeal any final decisions to the Board of County Commissioners.

What is the minimum legal sales age for tobacco products in Eagle County?
Tobacco products must not be sold to anyone under the age of 21 in Eagle County.

Is there someone who can help me with staff education on tobacco sales laws?
Yes. The Eagle County Public Health and Environment Department has tools and resources available to assist with educating your staff on Eagle County’s Cigarette, Tobacco Product, and Nicotine Product and Tax License Regulations. Please contact Mandy Ivanov in the Policy and Partnerships Unit at 970-328-8808 for more information.

What are some of the new regulations I need to follow?
The minimum sales age for all tobacco products in Eagle County is 21.
The Eagle County Tobacco Retail License must be prominently displayed in a publicly visible location at your business.

Do you have any signage or educational materials?
Yes, we have stickers, window clings, and flyers available upon request. Please call 970-328-8600 or email to request materials.

What happens if my business is located in Basalt, am I liable for tobacco taxes in both Pitkin and Eagle counties?
No, you will only need to pay tobacco tax to the Town of Basalt.

If my business is currently remitting cigarette and tobacco tax to a local government (town) within the county that already has a tobacco regulation, am I liable for tobacco taxes with Eagle County? 
No, you only need to pay taxes to your local government.