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Energy Smart offers winter heating safety and efficiency tips

Contact: John Gitchell, Energy Smart Administrator at 970-328-8766 or

With winter temperatures and heating season in full force, Energy Smart is offering the following tips to ensure homes remain safe, efficient and comfortable during the winter months:

• Even small changes made to your home such as air-sealing, insulation improvements, and crawlspace or attic improvements can change airflow and the function of heating systems.
• If energy improvements have been made to your home, Energy Smart recommends having an Energy Smart BPI-certified contractor test the safety and performance of your heating system.
• Ensure a carbon monoxide alarm is within 15 feet of each bedroom in your home.
• Check and/or replace carbon monoxide alarm batteries annually.

Energy Smart works to ensure heating systems are properly exhausting flue gasses from the home during winter conditions and that they are running safely and efficiently.
Home energy assessments include gas line leak detection, furnace or boiler health and safety testing, and identify points of heat loss through air leakage and insulation defects. These improvements can provide a warmer home, money saving opportunities and increased property value.

For more information or to connect with a BPI-certified professional, contact a local Energy Resource Center: Eagle County at 970-328-8777, Gunnison County at 970-641-7682 or Pitkin County at 970-925-9775.