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Healthy, Efficient Buildings

Construction and operation of buildings consumes half of all material and energy flows, contributes half the waste filling up landfills, and accounts for half of the CO2 emissions in the U.S.

Eagle County staff is working to measure and improve the comfort and performance of buildings, while decreasing energy use and costs. The Eagle County Facilities team manages 81 buildings and 800,000 square feet of conditioned space. In baseline year 2012, energy use and costs in county buildings were:

Energy Type 2012 Consumption 2012 Cost Greenhouse Gas Emission
Natural Gas
6,498,869 kWh 
209,263 Therms
4,585 Metric Tons CO2
1,110 Metric Tons CO2
Totals       $778,581 5,695 Metric Tons CO2

The three largest facilities within Eagle County Government (Airport Terminal, Eagle County Building and Justice Center) are now posting their energy use and cost information at To get the most from the Colorado Energy Navigator, we’re testing strategies in these three buildings so we can apply what’s working in all the others.

Energy Smart Colorado is a community energy efficiency program for existing buildings. Energy services include free coaching, low-cost home energy assessments, referrals to qualified local contractors, and access to rebates and financing for energy improvements. For full information please visit

Eco-Build is a community program that supports resource-efficient design and construction of new buildings. The Eco-Build Checklist is submitted along with the building permit application. If a new building does not meet efficiency requirements, the owner may choose to mitigate impacts by installing renewable energy onsite, or pay a calculated fee into the Eco-Build Efficiency Building Fund which supports renewable and efficiency projects throughout the county.  For more information go to the Eco-Build Fund and Community Grants page.

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