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The Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit was formed in 1975 and has had seven K9 Deputies since the unit was formed. The K9 unit performs a variety of tasks from narcotics and tracking to community outreach and demonstrations.

Currently, the Eagle County Sheriff's Office K9 unit is now comprised of two single purpose dog teams as of 2019. The organization recently added a second K9 to the Eagle County Sheriff's Office team in 2019. Both K9 teams are certified in the areas of handler protection, evidence searches, tracking, field searches and narcotics detection. The Eagle County Sheriff's Office K9 Unit is a member of and is certified annually with the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA).

The K9 teams provide support for many different divisions and units within the Sheriff's Office to include the Patrol Division, Investigations Division, Detentions Center and the Gore Range Narcotics Interdiction Team (GRANITE). Sheriff's Office K9 Teams have also aided many outside agencies over the years to include the FBI, ATF, DEA and numerous other federal, state and local agencies. The K9 Unit is "on call" 365 days a year and responds to a variety of calls within Eagle County. 

The K9 team and equipment are funded through grants and confiscated funds from criminal investigations where illegal proceeds are seized. The office provides all of the necessary items for the dog which include kennels, food, equipment, special patrol cars and veterinary care. 

The current Eagle County Sheriff's Office K9 team includes:
1) A black German Shepherd named "Echo". She was born on November 29, 2017 and was imported from Frankfurt, Germany. K9 "Echo" is assigned to Master Deputy Rebecca Anderson. 
2) A German Shepherd named "Zane". He was born in 2018 and was imported from Frankfurt Germany. K9 "Zane" is assigned to Deputy Evan Jamarillo. 
Both K9s work and live together every day with their handlers.