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The Heat is Still On

In an effort to keep Eagle County’s roadways safe, the Gore Range DUI Task Force will be conducting a multi-jurisdictional saturation patrols as well as sobriety checkpoints from Aug. 20 through Sept. 7 as part of the 2010 “The Heat is On!” campaign. The Gore Range DUI Taskforce will be aggressively looking for all impaired drivers during the crackdown and will arrest anyone they find driving while impaired — regardless of age, vehicle type, or time of day.        

The Gore Range DUI Task Force is comprised of officers from the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO), Avon Police Department (APD), Colorado State Patrol (CSP), Eagle Police Department (EPD), and the Vail Police Department (VPD). 

 “All too often, innocent, law-abiding people suffer tragic consequences and the loss of loved ones due to this careless disregard for human life. Because we’re committed to ending the carnage, we’re intensifying enforcement during the crackdown. We’ll be especially vigilant during high-risk nighttime hours when impaired drivers are most likely to be on our roads,” said Sheriff Joe Hoy. 

 If you choose to drink, don't drive.  Plan ahead by having a designated driver, taking public transportation, or call a family member or friend.  We hope our efforts combined with everyone's good decision not to drink and drive will help keep everyone safe as they travel to their destination.  As a heavy reminder, your first DUI could cost you $10,270 let alone the possibility of someone’s life.  For more information on what a DUI will cost you got to:

 The campaign is funded by Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Law Enforcement Assistance Funds (LEAF), allocated to the Gore Range DUI Task Force to reduce drunken driving accidents and deaths on Colorado’s roadways.