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Media Release - 09.05.18 - Fire Restrictions to be lifted in Eagle County

Eagle County - Fire managers and officials with state and local agencies have partnered and agreed to officially lift all fire restrictions in Eagle County beginning Friday, September 7, 2018 at 12:01 a.m.  Shooting ranges will also officially be open (with the exception of the Lake Christine shooting range) to accommodate hunters and the public, which coincides with the start of hunting season.  

Recent fire restrictions had prohibited campfires, smoking in certain areas, cutting, welding, and/or grinding near dry vegetation, operating certain types of vehicles without spark arrestors and the use of steel core or jacketed ammunition. Please keep in mind that the use of exploding targets, tracer rounds, steel core ammunition or fireworks remains prohibited on all public lands at all times. 

Eagle County remains in extreme drought with stream levels at historical lows; yet fire officials agree that the increased humidity and cooler overnight temperatures have helped to reduce the current fire danger. Officials still recommend using precautions as conditions remain dry and diligence is always needed in ensuring campfires are completely out, and watched closely when in use.

“Fire managers are very pleased with the positive response and public cooperation in adhering to this year’s fire restrictions. Your cooperation helps save lives and property,” a news release from neighboring Utah Interagency Fire said. “We are still in fire season and vegetation may once again dry out as fall approaches, so it is still important to take precautions and practice fire safety.”

We please ask that folks remain alert and use the following fire prevention tips when recreating in the outdoors :

  • Please carry a shovel, water, a bucket and/or a fire extinguisher when working or camping on public lands.  
  • Always watch carefully and drown and stir fires to ensure they are completely out and cold to the touch before leaving camp. 
  • Keep vehicles in good working order, and stay on designated roads and trails to avoid igniting dry vegetation with hot exhaust. 
  • Keep all chains and straps secured so they don’t drag on the ground and cause sparks that can ignite roadside grasses.

    Expect updates on fire restrictions from surrounding counties, BLM and USFS White River National Forest agencies.