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The Detention Facility is the central holding location for all law enforcement agencies in Eagle County, including local police departments. The facility houses inmates and pre-trial detainees who have been committed to the custody of the sheriff. The staff of the facility is responsible for all  booking and classification of inmates, security, medical services and transportation.

The facility is designed to accommodate inmates in minimum, medium and maximum security units and special housing areas, with room for male and female inmates in separate areas. The new addition to the detention facility is a direct supervision, dormitory-style housing unit.

Those in custody who are classified as minimum-security are housed in the direct supervision unit. While they are not free to leave the unit, they are free to move about and participate in a wide range of activities. The two-storey unit includes sleeping areas and a multipurpose room for meetings and recreation. Through the structural design of the facility, staff members are able to supervise inmates effectively. With the direct supervision model, a detention deputy is continually supervising inmates. The deputy works within the "pod" or living area and is in direct control of the inmates. Positive expectation of conduct is evident in the physical design of the facility. Deviation from the expected positive behavior results in progressive disciplinary loss of privileges. Detention facilities that use direct supervision have significantly lower rates of assaults, extortions and lawsuits than the traditional linear style of detention facility management. 

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