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"Not in My Neighborhood"  

"Where service and community safety is more than a program, it’s a purpose."

As growth changes the look of Eagle County, we may wonder what the future will hold. We have always understood that there are certain things we can change and certain things we can’t. We know that we can’t change how mother nature works, but we can become more respectful of our backcountry, mountains and rivers. We know that we can’t stop people from moving to or building in Eagle County, but we can change how we act in our neighborhoods.

It begins each morning as we prepare for the day. Most of the time we are ready for what lies ahead; however, there are certain times when we find ourselves running behind and in a hurry. It is those times that we lose sight of our responsibilities. The Eagle County Sheriff's Office wants to remind you that we all have daily stresses, but in no way is that an excuse -- it is merely a fact of life.

Responsibility and respect go hand in hand
We believe there is no excuse for people to be inattentive to a speed limit or a stop sign. While operating any type of vehicle, be mindful of other people who might be walking, riding, playing or driving, whether it is in your neighborhood or mine.

Finding time to relax, following a long day at work or a full day of recreation, is a challenge for most of us. In doing so we must realize that, while indulging in our favorite forms of entertainment, it must not come at the expense of others.

The golden rule has been around a long time, but there are still certain individuals who believe that they may take or destroy the property of others for prank or profit. We can’t always protect everything that we own, but often when something is stolen or destroyed, someone knows something about it. We can only rely on each other to be honest and to do our best in assisting the victim. We can’t empower criminals by allowing them to take or destroy something that is not theirs.

People under the influence of alcohol or drugs don’t think of their responsibility, or respect themselves or others, when they choose to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Getting drunk or high is often the excuse people use to loosen up and show hidden feelings. Unfortunately, it is also an excuse for some people to become violent, steal, destroy or do something else that they would not normally do sober.

Violence is a growing trend all across our country. It shows neither respect nor responsibility when inflicting pain or injury on others. Our youth have learned that violence solves issues that were once resolved by talking and reasoning with one another. Violence can’t be tolerated either in your neighborhood or mine.

We are often faced with other people’s problems; it reflects in the way they act, speak, and drive. We are faced with it daily, whether at home, work, in a public place or on the road. Each of us needs to take responsibility for the way we act, or react, to these situations.

The sheriff's office staff believe everyone is accountable for their own actions. Think long and hard before you give your next excuse because our most likely response will be: "Not in My Neighborhood!"