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Summer Maintenance

Dust Abatement / Gravel Road Maintenance
Road and Bridge performs regular maintenance to the county's gravel-surfaced roads through grading and applying dust suppressant and surface hardener. This treatment provides a smoother ride for longer periods of time and eliminates most airborne dust particles that can aggravate existing respiratory problems in humans and animals. Dust suppressant and surface hardening minimizes the amount of fugitive dust particles and loose gravel released from road surfaces and reduces the cost of keeping road surfaces safe for the traveling public. Eagle County uses an efficient dust suppressant notable for its high quality and low environmental impact, both in terms of production and usage. The product meets PM-10 regulations for use in environmentally-sensitive areas.

County gravel roads are treated for dust suppression as much as twice a year. Select roads receive new gravel applications where gravel has broken down and/or has been thrown off of the surface by traffic and snow removal procedures.

Residents will be notified a week prior to dust suppressant applications in their areas whenever possible.

Asphalt Maintenance
Road and Bridge performs routine maintenance on all the county's asphalt roads. Most common maintenance consists of patching deteriorated areas by cutting out damage and replacing with hot asphalt in the summer months, or a temporary-fix cold mix asphalt during the winter months. The county's Engineering Department uses a pavement management program to determine the timeline for maintenance projects.

Forest Service Road Agreement
Road and Bridge performs maintenance to many U.S. Forest Service and BLM roads. This maintenance agreement consists of the county providing once yearly grading on selected roads and dust abatement on the Sylvan Lake Road, Yeoman Park Road, and Deep Creek Road.

Road Centerline Striping
Road striping is performed once-per-year with the exception of high traffic intersections which are painted twice-per-year. The paint is applied mid-summer when the temperatures are ideal for quick curing of the paint.

Guardrail Installation and Maintenance
The guardrail along many of Eagle County's rural roads is inspected monthly and repaired/replaced as needed annually. New guardrail is installed at select areas determined by safety concerns. The guardrail work is performed by an outside contractor selected by a sealed bid process and the work normally occurs late summer.

Road Sweeping
Eagle County's roads are swept on an as-needed basis but the majority of the sweeping occurs in the spring. In the residential areas a sweeper picks up leftover sanding material from the winter months and other weather-related or traffic debris. The material is then transported to the landfill and used to supplement the cover material used to cover solid waste.

Sign Maintenance
Road and Bridge works closely with the county's Engineering Department to maintain standards in keeping with Uniform Traffic Control Devices and Colorado Department of Transportation specifications. Signs are monitored and replaced or repaired at a minimum according to their retro reflectivity, height, location, application, and necessity. A traffic engineer with the Engineering Department determines location and need for new sign placements.

General Road Maintenance
In addition to the regularly-scheduled maintenance, all Eagle County roads are regularly monitored for maintenance issues such as culvert pipe cleaning, roadside ditch drainage, brush and weed control, and rock and mudslide removal. Road and Bridge also maintains a portion of the core trail system that runs from Hillcrest Drive to Miller Ranch Road. This section of the trail is maintained at the same level as all roads.