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Eagle County Road & Bridge offers snowplowing information

Contact: John Harris, Road & Bridge Director, 970-328-3540, 

Nov. 21, 2019 – With snow in the forecast this week, Eagle County has transitioned to its winter snow removal operations. The county’s Road & Bridge Department is responsible for snow removal on approximately 260 miles of roadway, ranging from El Jebel and Basalt to the south, McCoy to the north, Vail to the east and Dotsero to the west, including Edwards and Eagle-Vail. County plows do not maintain I-70, U.S. Hwy. 6, or their frontage roads.

To ensure efficient snow removal operations, residents are asked to review the following:
Snow removal crews begin work early in the morning, typically between 3 and 4 a.m., and continue until all routes are complete. 
School bus and emergency routes, categorized as priority one roads, are plowed first. Side streets or residential collector streets, business access, and lesser-traveled streets such as cul-de-sacs, which are categorized as priority two and three, are plowed next. Depending on weather conditions, it may be later in the day before priority two and three roads are plowed.
Be aware that it is illegal to park on county maintained roads or in county rights-of-way, which typically extend approximately 10 feet off the edge of the road. Rights-of-way are intended to be used for snow storage, therefore it is not recommended that valuable landscaping be placed within this area.
Exercise patience with the snow removal process and drive with caution around equipment.
Each plowing operation during a snowstorm may result in a berm of snow across driveways, so if possible wait to shovel driveways until after plows have finished and do not put snow or any other debris in the roadway.
Snow removal activities must not obstruct access to fire hydrants. Spaces around hydrants should be maintained so they are readily accessible to firefighters.
Do not place trash cans in roadways, and retrieve empty trash cans as soon as possible.
Educate children about the dangers of playing near snow removal equipment and discourage the building of forts or caves in snow banks, especially near roads. Wear reflective clothing while jogging or walking along a road in the dark.

Eagle County Road & Bridge encourages everyone to drive carefully and have a safe winter.
Questions, concerns and suggestions may be directed to Road & Bridge at 970-328-3540.