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HHW Management

Contact: Joseph Walls, Hazardous Waste Specialist, 970-328-3468 or

Household Hazardous Waste Facility staff offer the following tips for better managment of houshold hazardous waste:

  • The safest and best way to dispose a household hazardous waste product is to use the product until it is completely finished.
  • If you can’t finish the product up, try to share with neighbors, friends, or with professionals who may need the product.
  • Read the product’s label to see if there are specific disposal instructions. If not, or if you are unsure about the proper disposal for a product, contact the manufacturer or call the government waste division before disposing off the product. If inlcuded, follow the manufacturer’s directions for proper disposal.
  • Whenever possible, recycle the material.
  • If it is not recyclable, take the material to a household hazardous waste collection site. Eagle County residents can bring materials to the Eagle County Hazardous Waste Facility.