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Fees & Accounts

Tipping Fees

Notice: Rate increase effective Jan. 1, 2012 on compacted and mixed waste

Construction (C&D)     $47.45 / ton
Clean Concrete- No Rebar (Approval needed before disposal) $15.00 / ton 
Concrete with Rebar (Approval needed before disposal)$15.00 / ton 
Concrete, dirt and other   $47.45 / ton
Contaminated soil     $37.68/ ton
Recyclable metal     $21.00 / ton
Compacted waste                                  $39.00 / ton 
Mixed waste (common household trash)    $29.00 / ton  
Landscaping Material$23.10 / ton
Clean Wood$21.00 / ton 
Wood Chips$5.00 / load 
    Separated from trash (no rims) - passenger vehicle and smaller $4.00 / each
    Non-separated from trash (or on rims) - passenger vehicle and smaller $6.00 / each
    Oversized tires (with or without rims) - commercial vehicle and larger $30.00 / each
Deceased critters $10.00 / each
Non-Friable Asbestos$47.45 / ton 
Minimum charge $6.00
Uncovered Load (additional to regular tipping fees) $20.00


Mobile Homes

60 ft and longer $500.00
50 ft - 59 ft $400.00
40 ft - 49 ft $300.00
39 ft and less $250.00

Effective January 1, 2016, the surcharge is $1.17/ton for commercial waste, cars and vans $0.09 per vehicle, pickups and trailers $0.18 per vehicle.
Surcharges apply to all trash/landfill items collected under C.R.S. 25-16-104.5 and 6 CCR 1007-21.7.3.  

Eagle County landfill cannot accept appliances containing freon. Freon removal must be documented by a certified technician.

We accept cash, check, and credit card.  PLEASE NOTE: There is a convenience fee associated with all credit card transactions. It is a minimum charge of $2.00, anything over $80.00 is charged 2.5%. Please make checks payable to: Eagle County Treasurer.


For customers who frequently access the landfill, Eagle County offers a charge account with approved credit. Please contact landfill staff or download a copy of an application and billing agreement

For current account holders you may pay your account balance online. If paying with a credit or debit card there is a minimum charge of $2.00, anything over $80.00 is charged 2.5%. Or you may pay with an electronic check which is assessed a $1.00 fee.

Free Punch Pass

Eagle County residents may dispose of up to 1600 pounds of trash and 4 tires per year by using our Free Punch Pass. To obtain a Free Punch Pass you must be able to provide 2 forms of proof of residency with physical address only. Post office boxes are not proof of residency. Free Punch Passes may be picked up at the landfill office during normal business hours Monday through Saturday.

Free Punch Pass Rules:

  1. Card is not for commercial use.
  2. Limit one card per household, per calendar year.
  3. Card must be shown upon entering landfill. (No card - No free access)
  4. Lost or misplaced cards will not be replaced.
  5. Normal restrictions apply for toxic and hazardous waste.
  6. Card is only good for 1600 lbs. of trash and 4 tires, if these are exceeded you will be charged accordingly.
  7. If you've moved within Eagle County, you may update your punch pass by bringing proof of new address. We will not issue another pass if you were already issued one for your old address.

For more information on obtaining a free pass, please call 970-328-3470 ext. 3

Local Senior Citizens 

Eagle County Solid Waste and Recycling will waive tipping fees for resident senior citizens (age 65 or older) for disposing their own residential waste* at the landfill and household hazardous waste facility. Seniors are required to accompany the load for this fee waiver. For more information, please call 970-328-3470, ext. 3.

*Residential waste is defined as waste collected within the residence, e.g., trash, furniture, etc. This waiver does not include concrete or construction debris. No dump trucks, end dumps, roll-offs will be covered by this waiver.