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Special Event Guidelines

Planning for a Successful Special Event in Unincorporated Eagle County

As a world-class outdoor recreation destination, Eagle County celebrates, supports, and encourages special events showcasing the natural beauty and unique resources of the area.

The following questionnaire has been developed to help special event coordinators make the event as safe and successful as it can be.  This is intended to be used as a checklist for event coordinators to help them think through the details necessary to support their event proportional to the intensity of the event.  If you are planning an event on a property in unincorporated Eagle County that will have 500 or more people in attendance, you will need to obtain permission to have a mass gathering and address the criteria outlined in 3-310 (T) of the Eagle County Land Use Regulations.

This questionnaire will aid the event coordinator in considering all aspects of an event to protect the public health, safety, and welfare for any type of event in unincorporated Eagle County as well as notify emergency service providers of events. The goal is to assist event organizers in planning events that will not negatively impact the environment, community or public resources while ensuring that all potentially-affected support agencies are aware of the event and can provide input to address their specific issues.

As an event organizer, it is your responsibility to assess the venue, environment, anticipated attendance, special needs and operational components of the proposed event.  Advance planning of the event is critical to develop and coordinate event implementation strategies.

Please be aware that external agencies may assess fees to cover their costs for providing support service(s) for the special event. Event coordinators are solely responsible for obtaining all applicable permits or authorizations required by other agencies having jurisdiction for various elements of the event.

Special Event Guideline Form

Special Event Planning Documents

The following resources may or may not be necessary for your event. These documents are here for your information and to help you create a safe, successful and fun event.

Event Site Plan Guide
Food Vendor License
Liquor License
Communication Plan
Fire Safety Plan Elements
Transportation, Traffic Closure, and Parking Plan Elements
Safety Plan Elements
Medical/Emergency Services Plan Elements