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Submit Census questions via phone

Contact: Kris Valdez, Long Range Planner, 970-328-8752

Citizens who have not yet filled out their Census questionnaire can now call the Census hotline to answer the 10 questions included on the Census form. To answer the questions in English, call 1-866-872-6868. For Spanish, call 1-866-928-2010.

Households had until April 16 to return their questionnaires to avoid a follow-up visit from a census worker. Beginning May 1, census workers will begin going door to door to households that failed to mail back their forms - a massive operation that costs taxpayers an average of $57 per household. Census workers will always have a tote bag issued by the Census Bureau and an official ID badge. Census workers will never ask for money, bank account information or to enter your home.

Census data help determine how more than $400 billion in Federal funds are distributed to state, local and tribal areas each year. A complete count of our community in the census will help ensure that Eagle County receives its share of census-based funding for the next ten years. If everyone across the nation mailed back their form, taxpayers could reduce the cost of taking the census by about $1.5 billion.