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County will consider final adoption of medical marijuana regulations

Contact: Bob Narracci, Planning, 970-328-8750

The Eagle County Board of Commissioners will consider adopting amendments to the county’s land use regulations that would govern medical marijuana dispensaries in the unincorporated areas of the county during its meeting on Feb 23. The topic is scheduled for discussion at 1:30 p.m. at the Eagle County Building, located at 500 Broadway in Eagle. If approved, the regulations would take effect immediately.

As proposed, the regulations limit medical marijuana dispensaries to properties within the county’s Commercial Limited, Commercial General or Industrial Zone Districts and prohibits them from locations within 500 feet of any residence, school, public park or playground, licensed child care facility, church or religious institution, hotel, motel or lodge, retirement home or elderly care facility, drug or alcohol rehabilitation facility, or any public community center or publicly owned or maintained building open for use to the general public. It also prohibits dispensaries as Home Occupations or Home Businesses, as well as within any residential or agricultural property. Exceptions to the 500 foot rule may be considered if the dispensary is located within a medical center or clinic. In those instances, a 200-foot separation from the above facilities would apply.

Additional requirements are included as part of the proposed amendments, a copy which is available for review on the Active Land Use Applications page.