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Neighborhood Partnership Program FAQ

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What is the Neighborhood Partnership Program?
The Neighborhood Partnership Program assists neighborhood groups in developing, resourcing and executing small infrastructure and public space projects. The Neighborhood Partnership Program eliminates obstacles and creates a path or creative ideas for neighborhood improvement projects to be realized. Projects should align with at least one of the Neighborhood Partnership Program focus areas: safety, healthy eating and active living, environmental stewardship and neighborhood beautification.

Examples of projects that would qualify include (but are not limited to):
● Amenities that promote walking and biking such as signage, soft trails, ADA access, etc.
● Parks and playgrounds
● Public safety and traffic calming improvements
● Public art or beautification
● Community gardens
● Landscape demonstration projects
● Stormwater management, erosion control, water quality protection

What size or dollar amount should applying projects be?
While specific projects and amounts may vary, most cost requests should fall between $1,000 and $8,000 dollars, projects submitted for other amounts may be considered.

I have an idea, can I apply as an individual?
Proposed projects must have the backing of a formal organization, such as a community group, non-profit, church or homeowners association. Individuals with ideas can partner with such groups as needed. If applicants don’t have a connection with such an organization, Eagle County staff are able to assist with this process. Applications that demonstrate community engagement and community buy-in for an idea will be more competitive.

Where can I get an application?
Applications can be completed online.

Printed copies of the application can be picked up at: 500 Broadway, Eagle or 100 W. Beaver Creek Blvd #107, Avon, Colorado. 

What is the deadline to apply?

Applications are accepted anytime, on a rolling basis, until funds are expended. For the 2019 calendar year, $50,000 has been allocated to Neighborhood Partnership Program projects.

How should applications be submitted?

Applications can be submitted by:
● Email:
● Mail: Eagle County, ATTN: Adam Palmer, PO Box 850, Eagle CO 81631
● Dropped off in-person: 500 Broadway, Eagle or 100 W. Beaver Creek Blvd #107, Avon

Applications can be submitted in English or Spanish.

Are there location restrictions for the project?
Projects can be located anywhere in Eagle County. Projects must be on public property or on a common area open to the public and demonstrate clear public benefit. Please note, there may be regulations and additional approval processes for project proposals which exist outside of Eagle County’s direct jurisdiction which would need to be granted prior to or in conjunction with grant approval.

What maintenance is required?

The applying organization will be responsible for maintaining the project for the life of the project. This means that you must be prepared to replace or repair certain aspects of the project if need-be, and must be able to do on-going maintenance. For landscaping projects, you should be prepared to have a plan for maintenance on a regular basis as determined by a project agreement, which is developed with each awarded project.

How is the cost-share determined?
Cost-share is calculated as a combination of any of the following:

  • Cash is directly applied to the project cost-share.
    • Grants can also be used as a cash match under the cost-share program as long as the granting organization authorizes that use.
    • Applicants have 180 days to raise the funds from the time their project is approved.
  • Unless explained otherwise, in-kind labor is credited at the same rate nonprofits utilize to calculate the value of volunteer hours. That rate is set each year by Independent Sector, which currently lists the rate to be approximately $24.14/hour.
  • Professional and other in-kind services are credited at fair market value. To receive this credit, the service provider must provide an invoice for services, which will be credited to the project.
  • Donations of materials and equipment are credited at fair market value.
  • Maintenance such as paying water bills estimated.
*Projects that demonstrate cost-share through in-kind labor/volunteer hours are strongly encouraged.
**Projects that are using the Neighborhood Partnership Project funds to meet a gap in other grant funding or as a cash match for a different grant are not encouraged.

How are the funds disbursed?

It is Eagle County’s preference to reimburse for project costs. However, if the awarded entity needs the funds in advance to purchase needed supplies for the Neighborhood Partnership Program project, then arrangements can be made for advance disbursement of the funds.

What is the project selection process?
The Neighborhood Partnership Program Selection Committee is comprised of Eagle County staff members (from the Departments of: Public Health, Environmental Health, Planning, Engineering, EcoTrails, and Facilities Management) as well as members from a few community-based organizations. The Selection Committee will review applications as they are received through an online review process within three weeks of receiving the application, based on the below criteria. The Selection Committee will meet in person to discuss applications as needed. Applicants will be notified of the status of their application within approximately one month of submission.

What is the selection criteria for applications?
The following criteria will be utilized for the review of applications:
● Statement of need and/or urgency for the project - 15 points
● Degree to which project meets program goals and strategic plan - 10 points
● Visibility and demonstration value - 15 points
● Demonstration of community and partner support - 20 points
● Leverage and/or cost share for project - 10 points
● Proposed maintenance/management plan - 10 points
● Meets income qualified needs of community - 20 points

Can I submit an application in Spanish?
Yes - applications can be submitted in English or Spanish. Applications that are submitted in Spanish will be translated in to English before review by the Selection Committee.

What is the timeline for project implementation?

Applicants will be notified of award within one month of their project submission and will enter into an agreement with Eagle County. Projects must be fully implemented by the end of 2019.

Are there any reporting or evaluation requirements?

Yes. Upon notification of the award, the Selection Committee will work with project representatives to document implementation and success of the project. This may include some photos, recording the project being built and/or a short video interview. This information will be used to showcase Neighborhood Partnership Program projects and to demonstrate success of the initiative.

I have never completed an application like this before, is there any support?
Yes, below are links to a few templates that may be helpful for planning your project, and can be submitted with the application. In addition, do not hesitate to contact any Eagle County staff members listed here for additional support, which can include discussing application ideas, walking through how to complete elements of the application, etc.

Budget Planning Template
Project Planning Template

I have other questions, who can I contact?

Adam Palmer, Sustainability:, 970-328-8734
Faviola Alderete, Public Health: (se habla espanol), 970-328-1121
Katie Haas, Public Health:, 970-471-2287
Kris Valdez, Planning:, 970-328-8752

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