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Planning Process Guides

Land use applications utilize specific processes to accomplish development goals. The following are summaries and guides to help in understanding the planning processes.

Planning and Zoning
Amended Final Plat 
Final Plat For Subdivision or PUD
Limited Review
Location and Extent
Minor Type A Subdivision
Minor Type B Subdivision
Preliminary Plan for Subdivision or PUD
Sketch Plan for Subdivision or PUD
PUD Amendment
PUD Guide, Guide
Special Use Permit
Subdivision Exemption
Variance from Improvement Standards (VIS)
Zone Change / Regulation Amendment (Text)
Zoning Variance

Please note:If you are going to be applying for an Amended Final Plat, Minor Type A or B Subdivision, Subdivision Exemption, or a PUD/Subdivision Final Plat, please read the following document concerning your property taxes.