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Land Use Regulations

Eagle County’s Land Use Regulations(ECLUR)  combine subdivision procedures and zoning regulations to ensure that the health, safety and welfare of the county’s citizens are preserved. The regulations provide the authority and framework for Eagle County to hold future development to a high standard of quality and to guide orderly land use in a manner which is sensitive to the environment and natural resources.

The regulations had their beginning in 1964 when the Eagle County Board of Commissioners adopted the first resolution stipulating procedures required to subdivide property. In 1972, the board further restricted subdivision of land in response to Colorado Senate Bill 35. Both of these procedures required that certain conditions be met in order to subdivide property without county review and approval. In 1974, the commissioners adopted the county’s first zoning regulations.

2020/2021 ECLUR Re-Write - On It's Way!
Staff is developing the interactive project website, updating Clarion’s contract, and recruiting for the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). Eagle County is looking for dedicated community members to serve on the TAC which will be comprised of 10-12 practicing planners/engineers, business owners, property owners, and other subject matter experts charged with reviewing and guiding the rewrite of the regulations based on community input and comprehensive plan vision. Individuals selected will be asked to participate in a minimum number of meetings throughout the 18-month process. Click HERE to view TAC desired qualifications and Commitments. Applications for the TAC are due on March 6, 2020. The project is strongly rooted in a set of clear goals that forward the county’s strategic plan and will implement the vision developed through the updated Comprehensive Plan. First and foremost, we strive to create a system that streamlines processes for everyday Eagle County residents while incentivizing proactive development in unincorporated Eagle County. Questions? Contact Morgan.Landers@eaglecounty.us

 Land Use Regulations 
Chapter I - General Provisions Introduction
Chapter II - Zoning and Subdivision  
Chapter II - Table of Contents
Article 1- General Provisions
Article 2 - Definitions
Article 3- Zone Districts Updated 7/23/2019
Article 4 - Site Development Standards Updated 7/23/2019
Article 4 - Table 4-620_J Insert
Article 5 - Administration Updated 7/23/2019
Article 6 - Noncomformities
Article 7 - Enforcement
Appendix A - Certificates Updated 7/23/2019
Appendix C - Road Classifications
Appendix D - Nelson Access Road
Appendix E - Named Streams
Chapter III - Building Resolution  
Chapter IV - Reserved for Future Use
Chapter V - Construction within the Public Way
Chapter VI - Areas and Activities of State Interest 1041 Permit

 For more information or questions, call 970-328-8746 and ask for the Planner On Duty. 

RECENT AMENDMENT TO ECLUR adopted in July 2019:

LUR-9043: Eagle County Land Use Regulation Process Improvement Amendment
Eagle County Planning Commission Staff Report
Roaring Fork Valley Regional Planning Commission Staff Report
Board of County Commissioners Staff Report
Attachment 1 Final Proposed ECLUR Amendment Redlines
Attachment 2 Clean Copy of Final Proposed ECLUR Amendment
Attachment 3 Referral Comments and Eagle County Response
Attachment 4 Public Comments and Eagle County Response
Attachment 5 Section G Wording
Attachment 6 Resolution of Approval

Attachment 7 Working Day Analysis
October 2017 Eagle County Land Use Regulation Assessment