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  1. How do I find my parcel number
    1. Go to the Assessor's property record search
    2. Enter your last name, then 'Search'
    3. Your twelve-digit parcel ID number will appear to the left of your name  

  2. How do I find my zoning?
    1. Go to the GIS viewer
    2. The GIS viewer will appear and display a map of Eagle County
    3. Click on ‘Parcels’ and ‘County Zoning’ in the grey right hand box
    4. Select the house icon for property search
    5. Enter twelve-digit parcel number leaving out the hypens or address in the grey left hand pop up box
    6. Zoom into parcel to display zoning layer
  3. What will zoning allow me to do on my property.
    To determine what your current zoning will allow, please see Chapter 3 - Zone Districts of the Eagle County Land Use Regulations.

  4. How do I apply for a land use application.
    A pre-application meeting is required prior to submitting a land use application, contact the Planning Department at 970-328-8746 to arrange a meeting.

  5. How do I apply for a sign permit.
    Complete and submit a Sign Application to the Planning Department at

  6. How do I change my address? 
    Complete and submit a Change of Address Form to the Planning Department at