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Adopted Master Plans

Master Planning in Eagle County is conducted by the Community Development Department under the direction of the Eagle County Planning Commission, and involves a public process that seeks input from community leaders, resource management agencies, service providers, special interest groups, involved citizens and other interested parties.  Public meetings and workshops are held, surveys conducted, and advisory teams made up of local stakeholders are assembled for projects that can take as long as three years to complete. The Planning Commission is solely responsible for the implementation of the planning process and for the review and adoption of master plan documents. The Board of County Commissioners provides recommendations as master plan drafts are developed, and assures the availability of staff and other resources necessary for this important work.

Master plans are guiding documents only, and are not regulatory in Eagle County. They provide a community vision for the future based on public opinions, anticipated needs, an analysis of existing conditions, a study of trends and projections, and an assessment of related opportunities and constraints. Master plans typically provide lists of goals, objectives, policies and strategies that can be employed to achieve the community vision. They are used by planners, developers, service providers, elected and appointed officials and citizens for a variety of planning purposes.

The Eagle County Comprehensive Plan is the overarching document that provides general goals and policies for the entire county on the topics of governance, development, economics, housing, infrastructure, and natural resources. The plan was most recently updated in 2005, and is available upon request by contacting the Planning Department at 970-328-8746. 

2005 Comprehensive Plan 
2005 Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map

Within the comprehensive plan there are sub-area plans (referred to as “Area Community Plans”) that are developed for eleven separate geographic areas within the county. Sub-area master plans are more focused than the comprehensive plan, and include area specific goals and policies and detailed Future Land Use Maps (FLUMs) to help guide land use and infrastructure decisions. The following sub-area plans are available:

Dotsero Area Community Plan
EagleVail Business Center Master Plan 
Edwards Area Community Plan
Wolcott Area Community Plan 
Eagle Area Community Plan and Map 
Mid Valley Area Community Plan and Classifications
     Emma FLUM
     Frying Pan FLUM
     Highway 82 FLUM
     Missouri Heights FLUM

There is also a set of special master plans that exist outside of the Comprehensive Plan that deal with specific topics or operations of importance. They include:

Eagle County Regional Airport Master Plan
Eagle County Comprehensive Housing Plan
Eagle River Watershed Plan
Eagle Valley Regional Trails Plan
Mid Valley Trails Plan and Map
Open Space Master Plan
Eagle County Safe Passages for Wildlife BoCC Presentation Dec 4, 2018
Eagle County Safe Passages for Wildlife Final Report

Master plans are living documents that can be adjusted as conditions or values change in a given area.  As determined appropriate by the Planning Commission, exceptions to the plan can be made.  Master Plans in Eagle County are otherwise updated every 10 to 15 years.

Hard copies of Eagle County master plans or copies on disk are available for purchase through Eagle County Community Development Department.

$35 for a printed copy
$5 for a copy on CD
Free download above