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Active Land Use Applications

Below is a list of all active land use applications submitted to Eagle County. A land use file becomes active once it has surpassed an initial Eagle County internal review, and is ready for review by the public and external agencies. Each application listed will include the reference file number, project name, and links to the application, referral and public comments, and if administrative a Directors Determination. All links are downloadable. Public hearing or administrative approval dates are also listed when available. If a public hearing date is listed, staff reports and pertinent attachments are available one week in advance of the hearing at the links below. 

Board of County Commissioners (BoCC)
Eagle County Planning Commission (ECPC)
Roaring Fork Valley Planning Commission (RFPC)
Eagle County Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA)

Your comments and questions concerning applications are invited. Please contact the Planning Department at 970-328-8746 or to be referred to the appropriate planner to submit public comment or ask questions about an application. Please be aware that all written correspondence and emails received pertaining to land use applications become part of the public record upon receipt by Eagle County and will be distributed to the Planning Commission, Board of County Commissioners, the land use applicant, incorporated into staff's report, and land use application archive. Public comment on active land use files are updated each Monday.  



ZV - 9072: 1500 West Sheep Creek
Referral Form

Draft 2020 Mid-Valley Trails Plan Update
Draft 2020 Mid-Valley Trails Plan
 and Appendix D and E (Maps)
Referral Form
Staff Memo and Exhibits A - D - March 12, 2020
Notice of Tabling for March 19, 2020 Worksession

Work Session: 2/6/2020 (RFVRPC)
Work Session: 3/19/2020 (RFVRPC)
TBD (RFVRPC Hearing) 
Mtn Hive - Planned Unit Development
Application Materials - Click headings in the Table of Contents to jump to sections listed below
Referral Form

Mtn Hive Referral Comments - Internal and External for All Applications
PDSP-9067: Sketch/Preliminary Plan PUD - All Sections
ZC-9069: Zone Change - All Sections
AFP-9068: Amended Final Plat - Section N
1041-9078: 1041 Permit - Section O
ZC-9089: Comprehensive Plan Exception - Section E
*If you have questions on how to navigate these application materials, please call 970-328-8746 and you will be directed to the staff planner.
Public Comments - As of 2/24/20

TBD (ECPC and BoCC) 
SMB - 9076: Shadowrock Townhomes Phase 6
Referral Form

TBD (BoCC - El Jebel Community Center)

SE - 9056: Osentowski Subdivision Exemption
Referral Form

 Administrative (TBD)

PDA-9011:  Ute Creek Industrial Park

ZC-9055: Ute Creek Industrial Park
Application and Drainage Report 


Edwards River Park - Planned Unit Development
PDSP- 9050: Combined Sketch/Preliminary Plan for PUD
ZC- 9029: Zone Change
1041-9030: 1041 Permit Application
Initial Application
Referral Form
Referral Comments - First Review - 9/30/2019
Applicant Response to Referral Comments - Cover Letter
Applicant Response to Referral Comments - Revised application 10/30/2019
Referral Comments - Second Review - 12/20/2019
Final Application for Hearing - 2/12/2020
Public Comment - as of 2/20/2020
Site Visit Location Map - site visit begins at 3:30pm
Notice of Tabling for March 18, 2020 Hearing

ZS-9014: Gypsum Creek Marijuana Cultivation
Referral Form

ZS-9001: Walking Mountains Science Center Sweetwater Location

12/4/2019 (ECPC)
2/25/2020 (BoCC)Tabled to 5/5/2020

PDSP-9022: Kudel PUD
ZC-9023: Kudel PUD
Application Materials - Revised January 2020
Referral - Form
Referral Agency Comments
Applicant Response to Referral Comments
Final Application for Hearing - Revised February 2020
Site Visit Location Map - site visit begins at 4:00pm

3/4/2020 (ECPC)
PDSP-9012: 10 Acre PUD
ZC-9017: 10 Acre PUD
Referral - List of Referral Agencies
Referral Comments
Applicant Response to Referral Comments
Second Round Referral Comments - 8/20/2019

Final Application for Hearing - 11/1/2019
Public Comments Updated 1/8/20
Revised Application Materials - 3/2/2020
Referral Form - Review of revised application materials
Referral Comments - on revised application materials (4/7/20)

1/2/2020 (RFPC) Tabled to 6/4/2020.
ZS-8009: RFSCG-1, LLC
Staff Report
Referral Comments
Applicant Response to Referral Comments
Public Comment
ZS-6082 Approval Resolution (Existing Approval)

6/20/2019 (RFPC) Tabled to date uncertain

Search for Resolutions, view Planned Unit Development (PUD) Guides, or complete an open records request to obtain a copy of all other documents.