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Hardscrabble Ranch will offer limited pass-through hunting access via Trail Gulch during property transfer

Contact: Phil Kirkman, Natural Resource Specialist / Ranger, 970-328-8698, 

Aug. 24, 2017 – Hardscrabble Ranch will offer limited pass-through hunting access during the 2017 season. The public will be able to access BLM lands by foot through Hardscrabble Ranch via the Trail Gulch trail head. 

This access point hosts a small parking located along Old Salt Creek Road. Hunters accessing BLM lands through Hardscrabble Ranch via Trail Gulch are required to travel with unloaded firearms while on ranch property. 

In anticipation of archery season starting Saturday, a reminder that hunting and public access will be prohibited on the 1,540 acre Hardscrabble Ranch as the property transfers ownership from The Conservation Fund to Eagle County this fall. 

Hunters must call 970-479-2201 to contact Colorado Parks and Wildlife or an Open Space Ranger before accessing the property to claim or dispatch wounded game.  All access to Hardscrabble Ranch will be supervised by Eagle County or Colorado Parks and Wildlife. 

Eagle County Open Space, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and The Conservation Fund want to ensure public safety during the upcoming hunting season. Additional opportunities for public access, recreation, and hunting on the ranch will be explored during the creation of a management plan. 

The county will be working with Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the public during the planning process. Management planning will start with the transfer of the property to Eagle County.

For information on accessing Trail Gulch or access questions contact Phil Kirkman at 970-328-8698 or