Smoke in the Eagle River Valley

Smoke in the Eagle River Valley is coming in from fires to the west. 

If smoke is thick or becomes thick in your neighborhood you may want to remain indoors. This is especially true for those with heart disease, respiratory illnesses, the very young, and the elderly. 

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Eagle, Pitkin County Human Service IGAs to expire at end of year

Contact: Melissa Moore, Director of Strategy, Partnerships and Performance, 970-328-8851,

Nov. 18, 2016 – Two inter-governmental agreements that provided for shared responsibility between Eagle and Pitkin counties for child and adult protection and economic assistance services will not be renewed for 2017.  The agreements expire on Dec. 31.

One IGA provided for Eagle County Economic Services to manage economic assistance programs for all Pitkin County residents. The second IGA allowed Pitkin County Adult and Family Services to provide child and adult welfare and protective services to Eagle County residents living in the El Jebel area. 

Eagle County Manager Brent McFall says the decision not to renew the IGAs followed a comprehensive review of the financial, operational and customer service impacts of the agreements. 

The Pitkin County economic assistance caseload has increased dramatically over the last eight years, from approximately 150 to more than 1,300 cases, and now accounts for nearly 25 percent of the total workload performed by Eagle County staff.  In contrast, a very small caseload in children and adult protect services no longer justifies dedicated Pitkin County resources at Eagle County’s El Jebel office. 

“Eagle and Pitkin counties have enjoyed a positive and productive relationship through these IGAs over the years, providing support to our most vulnerable residents,” said McFall. “A tipping point has been reached where transitioning these responsibilities back to their respective jurisdictions will allow both counties to better meet constituents’ needs,” he said.

The non-renewal of the IGAs is expected to result in an estimated decrease in Eagle County expenditures of $200,000 annually. No reduction in the quality, level or availability of services is anticipated as a result of the transition, and team members from both counties are working collaboratively to ensure client safety and access to services is not impacted. 

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