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Success Stories

Here's what renters and owners within Eagle County Housing programs tell us about their experience. 

"The deed restriction has allowed us to buy a home that is affordable and fits within our needs. The deed restriction isn’t intimidating to us as we were looking for something that would be a long term home that could suit our family’s needs, not just a short term investment opportunity. We can see ourselves living here for a while and riding out the highs and lows of the real estate market. It also allowed us to buy a property that was a dream for us - a single family home (that is ours!) in a place that we could otherwise barely afford a condo." - Emily & Alex K.

"I no longer have to worry about rising rent costs, or yearly questions as to whether or not I have to move and find a place to lay my head. I feel much more grounded in my life and have a lot more freedom to create the life that is most exciting for me!" - Brian D.

"Riverview Apartments gave my family the chance to start over and feel safe and supported while we did. I feel safe living in Affordable Housing because I don’t have to worry about how we are going to pay our bills and have a good quality of life." - Meighen L.

"Deed restriction gave us the opportunity to break into the housing market. We were able to afford a home, and not "waste" money renting, but build equity through owning. We would have never been able to purchase without it. We lived in Miller Ranch for 6 years, and although many people might shy away from buying a deed restricted home, with the upgrades/improvements we made to the house, we were still able to make over $60,000 when we sold our home. We have now purchased a home on the open market that has more space, and would never have been able to do that without the equity we built through owning a home in Miller Ranch, and without the money we made when we sold our home." - Audrey & Justin S.  

"Lake Creek Village Apartments is a closer option to my workplace, less commuting and better bilingual schools for my kids. A better lifestyle for my family, a very peaceful neighborhood, and problem free compared to more problematic neighborhoods in the valley." - Edgar A.

"I now have the security of a long-term living situation. I would never be able to afford a home on the free market. As a renter, you are at the mercy of your landlord/lady. Are they going to sell? Is the rent going to go up? I also have the opportunity to create a home that is mine. I love being able to make my home my own. I can paint my walls, hang shelves, and create a space that I am happy to come home to and can relax in. I am so much happier having my own space and to be part of a true neighborhood." -
Susan M