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Local Affordable Housing Map

Interested in learning where to find affordable housing Eagle County? Check out the GIS interactive map that displays the locations throughout Eagle County.


Eagle County Housing Matrix by Municipality

Locations East to West Tool Type Vail Minturn Red Cliff Avon Eagle Gypsum Eagle County Basalt
Annexation Policy Regulation Case by Case X X X
Accessory Dwelling Units Incentive X X X X X X Zoning Case by Case Allowed in Specified Zone Districts
Commercial Linkage Regulation X UC Draft Language Under Construction X X
Dedicated Local Tax Funding UC X ERHC is Funded by 1% ER Transfer Fee
Density Bonuses Incentive X Draft Language Under Construction Zoning Case by Case X through PUD X through PUD
Emplyer Assisted Housing Private X X
Fast Track Processing Incentive Case by Case X UC
Fee Waivers/Contributions Incentive X X
General Funds for Housing Funding X X
Inclusionary Zoning/Housing Regulation X UC Draft Language Under Consideration X X X
Mobile Home Preservation Regulation X
Publicly Owned Land P3 X X X In Process
Public Lead on Development P3 X UC X X
Public Participation on Financing P3 X X
Preservation - Deed Restrict Existing Housing P3 X X X X
Property Tax Exemption P3 X X Case by Case X Case by Case
Reduced Parking Incentive X Case by Case Case by Case Case by Case
Residential Linkage Regulation UC Draft Language Under Consideration
Short Term Rental Regulations Regulation X X In Progress X
Water Rights P3 In Progress X
Habitat for Humanity Partner X X
Open Space Partnership
Housing Credits X
Down Payment Assistance Programs X X X

Legend: X = In Place, Case by Case; UC = Under Consideration; P3 = Public Private Partnerships; In Process

Updated 1/21/19