Smoke in the Eagle River Valley

Smoke in the Eagle River Valley is coming in from fires to the west. For more information, visit

If smoke is thick or becomes thick in your neighborhood you may want to remain indoors. This is especially true for those with heart disease, respiratory illnesses, the very young, and the elderly. 


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Vendor Information

Eagle County Vendors

In order for a check to be released, a Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (W-9) must be on file with the Finance Office.  If you are a vendor with Eagle County and do not have one on file, please complete and return a W-9 form and fax to 970-328-3519.

Typically, checks are released after the county commissioners and county manager approve bill paying for the week.  This generally takes place on Wednesday of each week. For specific questions regarding an outstanding bill, please contact the Finance Department at 970-328-3510.

Eagle County W-9