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Reserved Arena

When no other events are scheduled, the Eagle River Center (indoor arena) and the Pro Rodeo arena (outdoor arena) are available to be booked for limited time blocks.

Reserved Arena Time At-A-Glance:

  • Arenas are available for both riding or non-riding activities.
  • Minimum two hours and maximum four hours reservation in one day.
  • Arena is watered and worked every other business day. Special footing requests may be accommodated for an additional $50 per request with at least two business days notice.  
  • Online booking only, through the Full Slate reservations system.  Roping clubs must call or email the Facilities Management Department.  
  • Reserve time at least two days in advance, up to 30 days.
  • Reserved arena time can be canceled by Eagle County at any point in time, for any reason. 
  • First timers: Contact Facilities Management at 970-328-8880.  You will be required to sign a release agreement, pay a damage deposit and purchase a door entry card for $25.  Once you've been set up in our booking system, you'll be able to book online.
  • If you’ve already filled out your release form and purchased your door entry card, use the booking system below to reserve arena time.
  • Review the Policies and Procedures Manual for detailed information regarding arena use.

Safety and Facility Rules:

  • Check the arena when you arrive for your scheduled time.  If there is anything out of order, please contact Facilities Management at 328-8880 or after hours at 987-2239.
  • Do not tie horses to panels around the arena.
  • Glass containers or smoking are not allowed in the arena.
  • Use overhead door to enter with horses.
  • Livestock other than horses are not allowed in the arena without the prior written permission of the fairgrounds manager.
  • Overnight boarding of animals is not permitted in the arena.
  • Vehicles are not allowed inside the arena without prior written permission from the Facilities Management Supervisor.
  • Pick up all manure both indoors and outdoors, and dispose of it in designated area.
  • Dispose of all trash.
  • Return all equipment barrels, etc. to their proper storage place.
  • Turn off all lights and lock the doors to the arena after use.

Cancellation Policy: 

To cancel arena reservations, you must contact the Facilities Management Department two hours prior to your reservation by email, phone or preferably through your Full Slate reservations link. No-shows will be required to pay the full amount of their reserved time. Eagle County reserves the right to cancel riding or other events to schedule large events. If cancellation is necessary, advanced notice will be given.

Seasonal Deposit:

Rider (up to 4 horses) - $50
Riding clubs (over 4 horses) - $100
Roping or barrel racing activity - $300
Non-equine activity: baseball, horseshoes, archery - $50

User Fees - 2 hour minimum, 4 hour maximum:

Rider and riding clubs - $20/ hour every 4 horses
4-H Youth - $30/ flat fee per user
Small commercial (Lessons) - $100 flat fee, 4 hours max, up to 4 horses - Proof of Insurance required, see Policies and Procedures Manual
Roping or barrel racing - $100 flat fee
Non-equine activity: baseball, horseshoes, archery - $20/ hour

Additional resources: 

Release Agreement - to be filled out prior to first use, and yearly.
Policies and Procedures Manual      

Full Slate Reserved Arena Booking:

Online booking available to established users only.  In order to book successfully, your name and phone number that you will enter will need to match what you provided the Facilities Management Department.  First timers will need to contact Facilities Management.  

Please try the attached link if the Full Slate Reserved Arena Booking calendar does not display below.