Smoke in the Eagle River Valley

Smoke in the Eagle River Valley is coming in from fires to the west. 

If smoke is thick or becomes thick in your neighborhood you may want to remain indoors. This is especially true for those with heart disease, respiratory illnesses, the very young, and the elderly. 

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Septic System Resources

Septic Permit Record Search 

If your septic system was permitted and installed in the last twenty years, Environmental Health likely has a septic permit record for your property. This record generally contains information on the septic system design and location of components. For septic systems installed in the 1970s and early 1980s, permit records are less reliable but are often still helpful if found. To request a septic permit record search, please email Environmental Health at with the property owner name and physical address of the parcel. 

Care and Maintenance

The proper installation of an adequately sized septic system is the best insurance against failure. In addition, for a septic system to provide years of worry-free service, proper maintenance of all system components is essential. General information regarding septic system components and maintenance can be found at:

Rules and Regulations

Additional Resources