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The Engineering Department maintains a number of resources that are available for use by the public and consultants doing work within the county. These resources may be reviewed free of charge. Copies of documents may be obtained for a fee of $.25 per page and $10 for a 24" x 36" reproduction.

Land Survey Plats
All Final Plats that serve to subdivide property are recorded in the Eagle County Clerk and Recorder's Office. Land Survey Plats are filed with the Engineering Department, which maintains the surveys. Deposit fee for Land Survey Plats is $20 per page. Search and download Land Survey Plats here.

Traffic Count Data
Each year traffic counts are collected by Engineering on various county roads. Mobile counting devices are placed at specific locations to count the average daily traffic (ADT) on the road. This information is valuable in the design of new roads as well as for road improvements and maintenance. Traffic counting can also track changing traffic patterns due to new roads and developments.

Two solar powered, permanent traffic counters that provide continual traffic counts have been placed on Eagle Road in Eagle-Vail and Fairgrounds Road in Eagle. Other traffic counts are performed on the major roads in Eagle County on a rotating schedule - approximately once every three years. County roads with average daily traffic (ADT) counts of 1,000 vehicles per day or greater are scheduled more frequently, with counts performed approximately once a year.

View historic traffic count data. Please contact us at 970-328-3560 if you would like additional information regarding our traffic count program. Traffic counts for I-70, Hwy 6, Hwy 24, Hwy 82, and Hwy 131 are maintained by the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Eagle County Land Use Regulations
Many sections of the county's Land Use Regulations deal specifically with the engineering and design standards required for development of property within Eagle County. All Land Use Regulations (LURs) are available online through the Planning Department. Drainage, roadway, grading permit, and other engineering standards can be found in Article 4 - Site Development Standards and Table 4-620J.

Geological Hazard Maps
Mapping of avalanche hazard areas, surficial deposits, potential geologic hazards, environmental and engineering geologic maps for land use, bedrock geologic formations, landslide areas, and general geologic resources are available in the Engineering Department.