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Hazardous Materials

A hazardous material is any material which is explosive, flammable, poisonous, corrosive, reactive, radioactive or active in any combination. These materials require special care in handling because of the risk they pose to public health, safety, and/or the environment. Hazardous materials are a part of our daily lives in the fuel for our cars, cleaning agents we use in our homes and even in the water that we drink. These materials do not pose a hazard when they are used in the controlled environment for which they are intended.

When hazardous materials are not controlled due to improper use or accidents, they can quickly create a dangerous or life-threatening situation. Because of the interstate highway and the mountainous terrain found in Eagle County, the potential for accidents involving transported hazardous materials is very real.

Local Preparation
The Eagle County Local Emergency Planning Committee develops plans for response to hazardous materials incidents and establishes emergency notification procedures. The commission also monitors the storage and use of materials within the county and exercises response capabilities. Responses to hazardous materials incidents in Eagle County are made by local, state and federal emergency agencies as well as the Regional Hazardous Materials Association of Eagle County. These groups are trained to identify, isolate and mitigate the harmful effects of most materials.

Additional resources

  • Colorado Department of Health and Environment  
  • Environmental Protection Agency