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Eagle County agencies discourage use of fireworks

Contacts:  Greater Eagle Fire Protection District, Gypsum Fire Protection District. Eagle River Fire Protection District, Vail Fire and Emergency Services, Basalt and Rural Fire Protection District, Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management

With Fourth of July celebrations nearing, public safety agencies in Eagle County would like to remind everyone that the personal use of most fireworks is prohibited. Illegal fireworks include those that fly into the air and those with a loud bang such as bottle rockets, firecrackers, cherry bombs, Roman candles and M-80 salutes. To ensure a safe and fun holiday, Eagle County agencies encourage guests and residents to view the public professional displays that are taking place in Vail, Avon, Beaver Creek and the Eagle Valley community. 

Local fire officials and federal agencies advise everyone to use extreme caution this holiday season due to a high danger fire environment. Fireworks can easily ignite fires in residential and forested areas and cause significant injuries, officials say, and fire precautions are taken seriously to ensure guests and residents have a safe holiday. When it comes to personal fireworks, everyone should remember that if it flies into the air or explodes, it's illegal.

Eagle County law enforcement agencies will implement a "zero tolerance" policy on illegal fireworks during the Fourth of July holiday. Residents and visitors are reminded that all fireworks are prohibited on all lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service, as well as in many areas of unincorporated Eagle County. Contact your local authority for details.

Professional fireworks displays are scheduled to take place at the following locations, weather permitting:

  • Avon, dusk (approximately 9:45 p.m.) on Saturday, July 3 at Nottingham Park
  • Beaver Creek, dusk (approximately 9:15 p.m.) on Sunday, July 4, south of Ford Hall on the ski mountain
  • Eagle Valley, dusk (approximately 9:30 p.m.) on Sunday, July 4 at Eagle County Fairgrounds
  • Vail, dusk (approximately 9:45 p.m.) on Sunday, July 4 at Golden Peak
  • Basalt, dusk on Sunday, July 4 at the Roaring Fork Club

Fire officials with the Upper Colorado River Interagency Fire Management Unit (UCR), which includes Eagle County, report that forecasted fire danger for the July 4th weekend ranges from Moderate to Very High. All recreationists are urged to exercise caution with open campfires, leaving no fire unattended and making sure fires are completely out prior to leaving them. It is recommended that you build campfires only in provided fire rings in established recreation facilities. You should have plenty of water and a shovel near your fire while it is burning, and use plenty of water to put it out. Make sure the ashes have stopped sizzling and are cold to the touch before leaving the area.

Already this summer fire crews have responded to several reports of smoke that have turned out to be unattended or improperly extinguished campfires. The ongoing mountain pine beetle epidemic is creating a build-up of fuels in many areas, making the possibility of an unattended campfire becoming a destructive wildfire even greater.

For more information, contact your local fire or land management agency as follows: Eagle River Fire Protection District, 970-748-4041; Greater Eagle Fire Protection District, 970-328-7244; Gypsum Fire Protection District, 970-524-7101;  White River National Forest, 970-945-2521; Basalt and Rural Fire Protection District, 970-704-0675; Vail Fire and Emergency Services, 970-479-2250; Bureau of Land Management, 303-239-3600; and Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, 970-328-8500.