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County signs compact in support of climate action

Contact: Jill Ryan, County Commissioner, 970-328-8605,

June 1, 2017 – Eagle County and the towns of Avon, Eagle, Minturn and Vail were among the 27 jurisdictions from across the state that signed on to the Compact for Colorado Communities earlier this month. Founded by City of Aspen Mayor Steve Skadron, the compact was established to bring cities and counties together to take local action on climate change.

According to organizers, the goal of the Compact for Colorado Communities is to form a unified network that will:

  • Create jobs, improve public health, and demonstrate bold actions;
  • Spur economic development through clean energy and preparedness programs;
  • Secure funding and technical support for member's local projects;
  • Deliver visible community improvement projects coveted by residents and local businesses; and
  • Facilitate flow of funding from state and federal agencies, philanthropic organizations and the private sector to city and county programs.

At the kickoff event held on May 19, Commissioner Jill Ryan signed the following pledge on behalf of Eagle County: “I commit to advancing my community’s efforts to address climate change by championing our participation in the Compact of Colorado Communities. I will ask that my governing body consider the Compact's charter by no later than September 30, 2017.”

“As local officials, we must lead by example if we expect climate change to be addressed at the state and national levels,” said Ryan. “By reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our own communities, we are taking steps to protect our environment and our economy while also modeling actions we’d like to see take place across the country.”

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