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Commissioners adopt 2017 budget

Contact: Brent McFall, County Manager, 970-328-8604 or  

Dec. 13, 2016 – The Eagle County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the county’s 2017 budget at their regular meeting today (12/13), following an in-depth public presentation earlier this month.

As adopted, General Fund operating expenditures will be approximately $40.6 million in 2017, representing a decrease from 2016 expenses of $42.5 million. Across all funds, expenditures are budgeted at $114 million, down from $142 million in 2016. The decrease is primarily due to the completion of projects and subsequent reductions in capital expenditures in several funds including Road & Bridge, Airport, Capital Improvement and Open Space.

The 2017 budget was developed in support of the county’s strategic plan, which includes five overarching goals: Eagle County is Financially Sound, Eagle County is a Great Place to Live for All, Eagle County Protects the Natural Environment, Eagle County Promotes a Diverse and Resilient Economy, and Eagle County is a High-Performing Organization.

Highlights of next year’s expenditure plan include:

  • A set General Fund reserve minimum of $13 million, over and above an additional $2.3 million separate reserve required by TABOR. The General Fund is currently carrying a $25 million fund balance, or $12 million more than the set minimum.
  • A $2.5 million contribution over several funds to match a $2 million grant to construct phase one of the Eagle to Horn Ranch segment of the Eagle Valley Trail.
  • Resources to allow up to 50 new families to apply for Colorado Child Care Assistance Program funds through an increase of $276,800 over the 2016 budget
  • Investments toward implementing initial recommendations from the multi-agency Early Childhood Roadmap, including $242,000 in the Eagle River Valley and $180,000 in the Roaring Fork Valley. The complete plan is available at  
  • A $329,000 capital investment for phase one of lighting retrofits countywide. Once complete, the project will provide $24,000 per year in operating savings and an annual reduction of 235 metric tons of carbon emissions
  • Continued investment toward the expansion of commercial air service at the Eagle County Regional airport through $150,000 in flight guarantees.
  • A $289,000 project to streamline the county’s land use regulations. The update will provide prospective developers with greater predictability and timeliness when going through the development process.
  • A 3 percent performance-based merit pool for employees.

The board also approved a total combined mill levy of 8.499 for 2017, an amount which has remained unchanged since 2004. The board will certify mill levies for other taxing districts in the county on Dec. 20.

Complete budget information is available for review at  In addition, the county’s online checkbook utility allows access to real-time, transaction-level financial data including departmental budgets and payments, vendor information by name and amount, and employee purchasing card details. Eagle County Open Book is available at  

Video from today’s meeting, as well as from the Dec.6 public budget presentation, can be viewed at