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Primary Election to be conducted by mail ballot

Contact: Teak Simonton, Clerk & Recorder, 970-328-8728

On Feb. 23, the Eagle County Commissioners approved a resolution allowing the Clerk and Recorder to conduct the Aug. 10 Primary Election by mail. This format is secure, accurate and transparent and allows cost savings over a polling place format.

Voters who are affiliated as Democrats, Republicans, or Libertarians will automatically be mailed their party’s ballot around July 22. Depending on when they receive their mail, voters will have approximately 20 days to make their decisions. Voted ballots can be mailed or delivered in person to any of the three Clerk's offices, but we must receive them no later than 7 p.m. on Election Day. Unaffiliated voters who wish to vote in the primary can do so by submitting an affiliation form. They can also stop by one of our offices to do this in person and receive their ballot immediately. Those who are more comfortable waiting for last minute information about candidates have the option of delivering their ballots to our offices as late as 7 p.m. on election night.

During the 2008 election, 70 percent of Eagle County’s voters chose to vote by mail or to vote early. We understand, however, that some voters prefer to vote in person, and will still be able to do so. These voters will be able to obtain replacement ballots at our El Jebel, Eagle and Avon offices and will have the option of voting on disabled access voting machines, depositing their voted ballots in ballot boxes or simply voting in person.

The process for receiving, securing and ultimately processing all ballots is extremely detailed and secure. In the same manner as mail ballots are handled during any election, at no time is any staff member or election judge allowed to handle a ballot alone. Two people must be involved in every step as the ballot is received by mail or from the drop box, sealed in secure and numbered containers and ultimately delivered unopened to the bipartisan team of election judges several days before the election for counting. Ballots are never opened by election staff.

This type of election allows better control of critical processes, which ultimately produces the most accurate results. It is vital to be able to confirm that complex election laws and rules are applied consistently. This is more attainable with a highly trained and experienced team of election staff and tenured counting judges involved in the process. To maintain the highest level of transparency, we always welcome those interested in learning more about these processes to contact us, and encourage all to understand their options for involvement or watching some or all of the processes we employ. Contact Teak Simonton for more information about your options.

There is no evidence that mail ballot elections are more subject to fraud than polling place elections. To our knowledge, Eagle County has not had any situation in which someone voted another’s ballot. The original voter in this scenario would have alerted us that they didn’t receive a ballot, or tried to vote again at the polls, and our records would have discovered fraud immediately. This hasn’t happened.

Important dates and deadlines to remember include:

• Early July - Sample ballots available on our web page
• July 12 - Deadline to register to vote or change affiliation
• July 19 - First day mail ballots may be sent to active voters
• July 19 – August 10 - replacement ballots and disabled voting available in all three Clerk’s offices
• August 10 - Election Day; deadline for ballots to be returned

Other important reminders:

• Unaffiliated voters wanting to participate in the primary can affiliate by making changes to their voter registration up to and including Election Day.
• Voters have the option of mailing or hand delivering their ballots to our offices, but ballots must be received by us no later than 7 p.m. on August 10.
• Ballots cannot be forwarded
• Ballots must be signed and signatures verified

Please contact the Clerk's office with questions.