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Family Leadership Training Institute applications available

Contact: Glenda Wentworth, CSU Extension Office, 970-328-8632 or glenda.wentworth@eaglecounty.us  
Nov. 5, 2015 – Applications for the 2016 Eagle County class of the Colorado Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI) are now being accepted. FLTI focuses on developing leadership skills, civic literacy, and civic participation skills. The program is based on the premise that family members are the best advocates for children and families and that parents, youth and family members can be effective when they speak out on issues and inform policymakers, the media and the community about the needs of those they represent.

Jennifer Pronga, a 2014 FLTI graduate, says her experience with FLTI had a significant impact on her commitment level to the community. “Prior to my training, I would talk about problems and issues occurring around us but wouldn’t necessarily take action. Now, I feel empowered to act and to assume the responsibility for making positive changes within our community,” she said.

Each year, FLTI accepts 25 participants who are screened and selected based on their availability and readiness to become effective change agents on behalf of children, youth and families. Previous FLTI classes have included a cross-section of people from young adults to grandparents to single moms and dads, as well as those with community leadership experience and those who are just beginning the journey of civic engagement. Selected participants will come together over 20 weeks of training which includes:

  • An all-day retreat on Saturday, Jan. 9, 2016.
  • Two 10-week sessions on Monday evenings beginning Jan. 11, 2016 that focus on the change process, skills building, and the tools of civic engagement.
  • A day at the state capitol to learn about the inner workings of government in April.
  • The development of a community project based on personal passion.

FLTI is offered at no cost to participants. In exchange, participants give the commitment of time reflected in class attendance and a personal community project.  Those interested can apply online at www.coloradofamilyleadership.com. Applications will be accepted until Dec. 4.

For more information about participating in the program, contact Glenda Wentworth at 970-328-8632 or at glenda.wentworth@eaglecounty.us.