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CSU Extension Offers Resources for Frequently asked Gardening Questions

Vegetable Gardening Resources
Block Style Layout in Raised Bed Vegetable Gardens, Garden Notes #713
Fertilizer - Vegetable Garden:Soil Management and Fertilization, Garden Notes #711
Fertilizing the Vegetable Garden CSUE Fact Sheet #7.611
Frost Protection and Extending the Growing Season, Garden Notes #722 
Growing Tomatoes, Garden Notes #717
Irrigating the Vegetable Garden, Garden Notes #714
Mulches for the Vegetable Garden, Garden Notes #715
Sample Vegetable Garden Seed Catalogs, Garden Notes #712
Tomatoes - Tomato Early Blight, Garden Notes #718
Vegetable Garden Hints, Garden Notes #719
Vegetable Gardening in Containers Notes #724
Vegetable Planting Guide, Garden Notes #720
Water Conservation in the Vegetable Garden, Garden Notes #716
Climate Summary: Eagle and Glenwood Springs, Garden Notes #745 (frost dates for Vail, Eagle, Glenwood, Rifle, Parachute)
Growing More and Growing Longer in the Colorado Montains, Written by Jan Fedrizzi and Kathy Yeiser, Colorado Master Gardeners

Greenhouse Information
Basics of Plant Growing in Greenhouses
Greenhouse Crop Ideas
Greenhouse Structures
Pest Identification and Management
Producing for a Profit
Sustainable Greenhouse Practices

Mountain Adapted Garden and Landscape Information
Colorado Mountain Gardening Basics
Cytospora Canker Fact Sheet #2.937
Aspen and Poplar Leaf Spots Fact Sheet #2.920
Scale Insects Affecting Conifers Fact Sheet #5.514
Shade Tree Borers Fact Sheet #5.530
Cooley Spruce Galls Fact Sheet #5.534
Poplar Twiggall Fly Fact Sheet #5.579
Soils Information
Soil Tests Garden Notes #221
Soil pH Garden Notes #222
Soil Drainage Garden Notes #219
Soil Compaction Garden Notes #215
Saline Soils Garden Notes #224 
Managing Soil Tilth Garden Notes #213
Iron Chlorosis Garden Notes #223
Soil Amendments Garden Notes #241
Using Compost Garden Notes #243
Using Manure Garden Notes #242
Mulching with Wood/Bark Chips, Grass Clippings and Rock Garden Notes #245
Soil testing kits are available in the CSU Extension office at 441 Broadway in Eagle. 

Mountain Adapted Plants
Native Herbaceous Perennials for Colorado Landscapes Fact Sheet #7.242
Native Trees for Colorado Landscapes Fact Sheet #7.421
Xeriscaping - Creative Landscaping #7.228
Native Shrubs for Colorado Landscapes Fact Sheet #7.422
Best Native Grasses for Eagle County #7.232
Flowers for Mountain Communities #7.406
Ground Cover/Rock Garden Plants for Mountain Communities Fact Sheet #7.413
Trees and Shrubs for Mountain Areas Fact Sheet #7.423 
Deer Resistant Plants