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Financial Security

Personal Finance Programs:  Making a difference for long-term financial stability of Coloradans 
The goal of the personal financial education programs offered by CSU Extension focuses on motivating learners to take financial action and to acquire the knowledge, skills, and motivation to build financial security. Programs focus on behavioral change, starting with achieving financial self-sufficiency, then stability. The ultimate goal, financial security, is the cornerstone of prosperous communities, nurturing neighborhoods, and strong families.  

Money Talk Series
This program was developed to provide participants with information they need to take charge of their financial future. Each of the five sessions include a number of lessons, important financial terms and exercises to personalize the information and provide you with tools to improve your financial well-being.  Free publication and activities can be found at: www.njaes.rutgers.edu/money/

Topics Include:

  • Financial Basics 
  • Insurance Basics 
  • Investing Basics 
  • Investing for Retirement 
  • Planning for Future Life Events 

Dollar Works 2    Dollar Works 2
The objective of the Dollar Works2® personal finance training is to strengthen people’s skills at managing their personal finances and taking control of their financial decision making.  Topics that to be covered include helping learners identify money goals that reflect their values, developing skills in making decisions and talking about money; and helping the learner make a spending plan for a one month.  The Dollar Works2 curriculum is culturally adapted for Latino audiences.  More information is available at: www.extension.umn.edu/family/personal-finance/dollarworks2/.

Topics Include:

Making Money Decisions 
Connecting Culture and Financial Resources
Making Decisions About Money

Building Money Management Skills
Making a Spending Plan
Managing a Spending Plan
Saving and Investing

Managing Income, Bank Accounts and Credit/Debt
Understanding a Pay Statement and Taxes
Using a Bank Account
Using Credit Wisely
Managing Debt

Targeting Money Issues
Managing Risk with Insurance
Solving Consumer Problems
Teaching Children About Money

$ave Some $pend Some $hare Some

Focusing on making wise spending choices, this program is designed to strengthen the capacity of low income individuals and families to nurture and support themselves and others across the life span. Participants learn that money management is a matter of choices based on values and goals. In addition, participants learn to set goals and construct a spending plan to meet their present needs and future goals.

Participants of $ave Some $pend Some $hare Some will learn to:

  • Take control of their finances by developing money management skills
  • Prioritize saving for goals
  • Understand the importance of sharing.