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Fee tables as published in the Eagle County Building Resolution as amended July 28, 2020.

Please call the Community Development front desk at 970-328-8761 between 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. weekdays for assistance with calculating building fees. We encourage you to have the project's square footage or valuation available when calling.

Make checks payable to: Eagle County Building Division
Accepted methods of payment include cash, check, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover®). Building permit and plan review fees are both due at time of submittal. 

Impact Fees Effective February 8, 2017  Emergency Service Impact Fees are to be calculated courtesy of the Planning Division staff during application intake and shall also be paid at time of submittal. Emergency Service Provider Impact Fees are applicable to all new construction within the Basalt & Rural Fire Protection District, the Greater Eagle Fire Protection District, the Gypsum Fire Protection District, and Eagle River Fire Protection District. Further details listed below. For explanation on applicability of impact fees, call 970-328-8746 and ask for the Planner On Duty. Fee payment to be made payable by check to: EAGLE COUNTY BUILDING DIVISION.   

Wildfire Mitigation Fee A fixed $200 fee is due for land parcels classified as moderate, high or extreme wildfire hazard. Wildfire fees to be made payable by check to: EAGLE COUNTY SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES.

ECO Build Fees Projects with exterior energy uses including snowmelt, pools and spas over 64 sq feet in size require onsite renewable energy to offset at least 50% of the energy use or pay cash-in-lieu fees. 

Exterior energy fees apply as follows:
Snowmelt over 200 square feet: $16 per square foot
Spa/hot tub over 64 square feet: $176 per square foot
Exterior pool:  $136 per square foot
For example, if 500 square feet of snowmelt was proposed on a residential property, where 200 is exempt, then 300 x $16 per square foot = $4,800 

To calculate offset requirements contact Adam Palmer at 970-328-8734 or for the ECOBuild offset worksheet.

Road Impact Fees:  

The purpose of the road impact fee is for new development to contribute its proportionate share of the cost of providing the provisions identified in the Road Capitol Improvement Plan. Said Road Impact fee is calculated by our Eagle County Engineering Department staff during the plan check review of new building construction permits.  For more information about road impact fees reference the Road Impact Fee FAQ or contact the Engineering Department at 970-328-3560  

    Fire Protection Impact Fees

       Residential Commercial Lodging Facilities
    Basalt Rural Fire Protection District*  $979 / d.u.  $979 / 2,000 sq.ft. $979 / 2,000 sq.ft.
    Gypsum Fire Protection District  $763.83 / d.u.  $762.82 / 2,000 sq.ft.  $763.81 / 800 sq.ft.
    Greater Eagle Fire Protection District** 

     $2,331.25 for Single-Family (per d.u.)

     $1,065.23 for Multi-Family (per d.u.)

     $939.47 / 1,000 sq.ft.  $939.47 / 1,000 sq.ft.

    *Basalt Rural Fire note: fees for non-residential development sq.ft. not evenly divisible by 2000 sq.ft. (dwelling unit equivalent) can be calculated with non-residential sq.ft. x $.49 = fee amount owed.

    **Greater Eagle Fire Protection note: recent posting on website reflects Board of County Commissioners recorded resolution dated 2/19/2019 adopting revised emergency service impact fees within Greater Eagle Fire Protection District.

    Eagle River FPD Emergency Service Impact Fees were computed using the projected growth in single family equivalents (SFEs) for the years ending Dec.31, 2008 through 2025.

    Allocated Value for Future Emergency Service Capital Improvements: $12,023,744
    Net Growth in SFEs, 2008-2026: 7,195
    Emergency Service Impact Fee per new SFE: 1,671

    All new development with the Eagle River Fire Protection District shall be assessed an Emergency Service Impact Fee at the time a Building Permit is requested based upon the size of the water meter require for the residential, commercial (including lodging) or industrial unit to be constructed, as follows: 

     0.75 inch meter  Emergency Service Impact Fee: $ 1,671  
     1 inch meter  Emergency Service Impact Fee: $ 2,841
     1.5 inch meter  Emergency Service Impact Fee: $ 5,515
     2 inch meter  Emergency Service Impact Fee: $ 8,857
     3 inch meter  Emergency Service Impact Fee: $18,382
     4 inch meter  Emergency Service Impact Fee: $28,409
     6 inch meter  Emergency Service Impact Fee: $55,147

    Anyone preparing a building permit application for new construction, additions or alterations of structures served by a private septic system, should be aware separate permits, fees and inspections may be relevant for your project scope. Customers should direct all septic system and permit questions to Eagle County Environmental Health Department at 970 328 8755 or visit their Apply for a Permit page.