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Contemporaneous Review of Electrical Licenses

Contact: Vance Gabossi, or 970-328-8764

Oct. 3, 2019 - Contemporaneous Review of Electrical Licenses for Eagle County

Pursuant to Colorado Revised Statute 12-23-116, Eagle County Building Division has established the following procedures for conducting contemporaneous reviews of electrician licenses.  These procedures apply to the inspection of all electrical work required to be installed by State Licensed Electricians.   Inspections of electrical work will only be conducted when a State Licensed electrical contractor is provided on an approved electrical permit.   Eagle County will verify the State Electrical license by accessing the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) website.   County electrical inspectors will request, at their discretion, any of the following:

  • Verification of electrical licenses for the electricians working on the job site for compliance with CRS 12-23-105.
  • Verification of apprentices working on the job site for compliance with CRS-12-23-110.5.
  • That the electrical contractor is the same as that listed on the issued permit.
  • If the inspector is unable to verify the identity or verification of any of the items listed above, the inspector may issue a ‘stop work’ order or fail the requested inspection, at their discretion, until verification can be provided.
  • Based upon scope and extent of violations, Eagle County Building Division staff may further issue a written warning to non-compliant electricians, and at the County’s discretion, proceed with submitting a formal complaint of violations to the State Electrical Board (SEB).   Documentation of issued warnings and complaints submitted to the (SEB) shall be retained in the Chief Building Official’s office.